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Thank you for adopting IPNTA2018 for your class(es). Please fill out this form to assist us in providing you materials and updates on the book, related materials, and useful resources.

Digital and print-on-demand copies of IPNTA will be available from by July 22nd, 2018. In order to receive a complimentary Final Digital Copy and Teacher’s Manual for IPNTA2018, you must be a professor (full-time or adjunct) at an accredited Law School in the US or a comparable institution abroad.

By submitting the form, you agree that you will to not distribute the Final Digital Copy and Teacher’s Manual for IPNTA2018.

After verifying your registration information, we will send you a password to gain access to the Downloads page. Please note that the Teacher’s Manual will not be available until later in the Summer. Feel free to email Professor Peter Menell at if you have any questions.

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